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Our Mission

We are here to help small business find their voice and reach their customers through consistent presence, engagement, and content distribution on Social Media.

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What we do.

You do not have the time or expertise to market your amazing product or service.

You know you should be active on social media but you’re overwhelmed.

We partner with you to reduce the stress, give you time back, and get results.

We develop strategy, make a plan, create and distribute value driven content, and engage with your audience to create deep customer relationships.

You sit back, feeling confident and proud of your online presence. You have time to do what you do best, while we take care of the rest.


$250/per week.

Daily social media posting

Posting content to social media keeps you in front of your audience consistently. Telling your story daily builds trust, creates brand awareness, and grows your digital presence.


$250/per week


Once your content is distributed. It’s important to quickly, actively engage with your community. Responding to comments, messages, and question. We handle your social media engagement.




If you don’t have content creators on your team, we can handle the content creation too!


360 with Chaser Media Co.

We understand you are growing and need to put your energy into building your business. With 360, we take over each of your social media channels, post, engage, and create.



Reports show, most small business owners post 1-2 times a week on social media with no real big picture strategy. We believe in planning parts of your story daily with big picture strategy in mind.


Posting content can be confusing. When to post, what to post, where to post… We believe in posting timely, relevant content daily to keep your brand in your customers mind.


Create content is overwhelming. Connecting the content you create to your big picture vision can be even harder. We believe in creating around your brand with your audience in mind.


Engaging with potential

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October 2018

Chaser pays for itself. Our Brand Recognition and engagement in the community has skyrocketed since making the investment.

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